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What is ChiroMat?

Chiromat is a system of analyzing the function of 370 muscles in the body. It’s purpose is to identify muscles that have become neurologically inhibited and are unable to respond to normal load. Generally this neurologic inhibition occurs as a result of the muscle being loaded beyond its ability to handle the stress. Neurologic inhibition leads to poor support and control of joints and causes weakness and pain. Once the inhibited muscles are identified reflex points and spinal segments are stimulated to re-establish proper neurologic function and thereby restore proper function to the muscle. As a result pain resolves and the body’s ability to resist injury is enhanced.

How is ChiroMat Different?

Chiropractors seek to restore proper motion and alignment to the spine primarily through spinal adjustments. It has been my professional observation that often the process of spinal adjusting alone is not enough to restore proper spinal health. Consequently I have always felt the need to spend time addressing muscle spasm when I work on my patients. Chiromat works on the imbalances in the body actually causing the spasm to occur. The end result is that Chiromat heals the body on a much more complete level, leading to more complete recovery and success in cases where chiropractic alone may have been unsuccessful or only partially successful.

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